Who we are

Our Mission:
  • Our mission is simple “Eat Healthy, Live Right.”

  • We believe that eating healthy is the beginning to a healthy mind, body and soul. We are not a diet nor do we promote fast results. Instead we educate our customers that eating healthy needs to become a way of life.

Our Purpose

  • Everyone knows that preparing meals for oneself or a family can be time consuming. Life has become very fast paced and hectic. The idea of having meals already prepared, and healthy is a RELIEF.

  • We eliminate the need to stop making poor meal choices by offering fresh and nutritionally balanced meals.  Eating a balanced diet is key in avoiding many health issues.
How We Started
  • The Lean Box was founded by two restauranteurs with over 15 years experience in health food. Our  journey began in 1996 when we opened our first health food restaurant in Miami Beach. During the course of 13 years we opened multiple locations in South Florida.

  • We relocated to Southwest Florida in 2008 and saw the need for healthier meal choices. We wanted to offer the community an easy and affordable way to eat healthy, without giving up quality. We opened our location in Ft. Myers in 2010 and have been serving customers since.

We’ve simply made it easy to eat healthy!
The Lean Box